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We offer exclusive, state of the art portfolio building and risk evaluation tools. We also provide objective, independent analysis on nearly 6,000 Canadian funds. Simply click on the "Register" link just below and fill the registration form.

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Honor Roll Funds

We spotlight those who deliver the goods both in good and bad times. Select the ones that suit you best, based on our rigorous Honor Roll Criteria. You can also customize your selection by relaxing some of those criteria as you see fit.

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Get a bird's eye view of each fund's performance and risk profile. Use the FundScope analytical engine to identify strengths and weaknesses and to take corrective action.

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Portfolio Diagnostics

Try Canada's most powerful portfolio diversification tool with unique capabilities such as measuring portfolio cost and portfolio risk. Use it to identify the weak links and redundant funds in your portfolio. Mix and match funds to reach the combination that suits you best. >We also provide customized portfolio allocation services. For a free portfolio evaluation, please send us a note at scope@fundscope.ca.