Many visitors ask themselves this question: what else do I get if I subscribe, over and above those freebies?

If you are serious about your investments, or if you are a financial advisor, your annual subscription will get you access to a collection of unique and powerful investment tools that you would not find for free on any other site, namely:

FundScope Commentary: hundreds of our Snapshots include commentary and analysis on the past performance, risk profile and cost of each fund as well as an opinion on its future outlook. The Snapshots constitute one of the largest, and most frequently updated, collection of individual mutual fund reports. Incidentally, if you find that our commentary is lacking on any of the funds that you own or in which you are interested, you can send us a note, and we will do something about it.

Ranking Tools: this section tells you how your fund stacks out against the rest of the crowd in terms of past performance (both short-term and long-term, costs (both reported and hidden), risk (you can rank funds using 7 measures of risk), efficiency and consistency. Even expensive mutual fund software, for which you pay hundreds of dollars every year, does not give you such decision making power.

Family Ratings: FundScope is the first in the world to venture into this arena. Nobody else in Canada has yet attempted to do so. (Morningstar USA recently has). We have built on our extensive financial modelling experience to develop a powerful methodology for rating mutual fund companies. Our approach is unique and the first of its kind. It is objective, relevant and deeply insightful.

Our Mutual Fund Wizard: eliminates undesirable funds and allows you to concentrate on what matters. Use it to select the funds that suit you best, based on five rigourous criteria: historical performance, volatility, cost, Cost Efficiency.

Manager Value-Added: let you pick funds based on your investment philosophy and your view of the market

Red Flags: tell you what we don't like about each fund, for you to do the necessary investigations and get rid of it before it's too late.

Advisor Portfolio Diagnostics: provides advanced portfolio building and risk management tools. You can determine your client's profile and select the appropriate asset class model. You can fake omega for sale analyze portfolios made of up to 30 funds, identify the weak links in each portfolio and compare the asset allocation as well as the risk and return of each portfolio to the FundScope recommended parameters for each investor profile. You can also calculate the standard deviation and the Sharpe ratio of each portfolio and identify redundant funds (using similarity analysis). Finally, you can compare portfolios and get a snapshot of how each of your clients is doing and who requires priority attention.

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